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Free Credit Information

Legal Credit Restoration Services

According To The Fair Credit Reporting Act                               

                   (Revised September 2018)

Neither you nor I can change the algorithm that

calculates credit scoring, but with knowledge,

and sometimes a fresh start, we can control

our own credit therefore changing our Financial

Destiny Now.

  I Will Send Actual Letters To: 

  • Get a bankruptcy removed from your credit report early.

  • Get a charge-off or collection off   your credit report early.

  • Get late payments off your credit report early.

  • Get inquiries off your credit report.

  • Get a judgment off your credit report, Student Loans

  • And much, much more.
  I Will Also:
  • Contact The 3 Major Credit Bureaus on your behalf if you do not have the patience or the time.

  • Correct inaccurate information on your credit report.

  • Follow up with The 3 Major Credit Bureaus.

  • Give you the direction needed to re-establish creditworthiness

  •  Names, numbers, addresses of reputable  Loan Companies who may extend to you credit for rebuilding  your new credit history.

  •  New Bank Accounts can be obtained-per each individual credit scenario.

  • Keep you up to date on the process, by mail, phone, fax, e-mail or text.

  • Great/Good Credit History and Smart Money Management & Saving is a learned process.

  • Be sure to pay all accounts on time to protect your Credit Rating.

  • The Future is Now...     Welcome To Your Financial Destiny Now.
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Though all of the steps taken to correct

your credit and improve your score can

 be legally and freely done by you, I

charge a fee for service to implement and

complete these steps on your behalf.

Credit histories vary from person to
person therefore results vary. Your credit

profile wasn't created overnight so the

steps to take to correct them won't

happen overnight either. My smart money

and tax management ideas are just that,

ideas. But if you use them, I believe you can

benefit greatly and you will have yourself

to thank. Great credit, tax and smart money

management go hand in hand. You can

expect proven results in as little as 5 to

90 days. Credit, Tax Repair/Restoration is


Welcome to Your Financial Destiny Now.

I appreciate your business.

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Whoever serves me must follow me; and where

I am, my servant also will be. My Father will

honor the one who serves me.


                                    John 12: 26



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