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 Great Deals                                             Money has wings. ~ Proverbs 23:5 ~

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 I wanted to take the time to recognize some of my fellow Business Owners. I feel that there is

more than enough money to go around and to help another is to ultimately help yourself. Please

take a moment to visit these websites as they might be something that you, a friend or family

member may be interested in. May ALL Your Dreams Come True. Thank you for your business

and visiting Financial Destiny Now.    ~ Sherlonda Mims Lemons ~

You'd be surprised at the everyday things we                use in our homes that are probably the reasons             why you or your loved ones are always sick.                 For more information, check out my good friend 

Danielle Pechette's website @    

Danielle, shown below, will help and guide                 you to get to great Health & Wellness.

Whether you're looking for a new sure-fire            Business Opportunity or some of the best Advertising money can buy...Check out my friend and community neighbor Jaquelyn Moore Payne's website @

Jacquelyn (Jackie) will mentor you and go above and beyond to get you to where you want to be in all areas. A real and true go getter!

Save Money on the bills you pay for each month anyway. It Just Makes Sense! Check out one of my  fellow Alumni, Marc Willingham's website @   

Marc, shown below @ bottom right, helps people and companies quadruple revenue while advancing and maintaining their technologies with a focus on increasing net worth with a professional presence.

Looking to enhance your Spring and Summer wardrobe? Well I know just the spot to give you that extra flavor and uniqueness. Go see my girl Char Caruth who's another Alum of mine @

City Chick Apparel

Char, will take care of all your special wardrobe needs and give you the attention you deserve. Her motto is, "Think it, Express it".

As we age, our bodies change.

Limbs don't move as fast or as easily as they used to.

We start to feel stiff or out of balance. For times like these, I implore you  to LISTEN to your BODY!

Give it the care and attention  it deserves.

Visit my wonderful Chiropractic Doctor,    

Dr. Marci Wilbert @ Wilbert Family Chiropractic .

Dr. Marci (shown below) is exceptionally thorough

and gifted in her profession and I often tell her she

has healing hands. Because of her help, adjustments

and knowledge, I feel younger than my actual years.       


Thanks Dr. Marci.

                           ~ Sherlonda Mims~



                       Dedicated To Family Wellness


Are you feeling like you're all alone? Have you had a

bad day? Feeling like you need a little or a lotta love?

Please visit my dear friends' website @

Torion, (shown below right with her new husband) has

been inspired by God to be of help to people. I admire

her strength and her vision. Please also be sure to

purchase her new book, "Love Always, Love Daily" by

Torion Kent TM.

One sure fire way to save money, in my experience, is

to NOT be able to spend what you don't have!

Enter....RUSHCARD. I've been affiliated with this

company since it's inception and believe in it's purpose.

Better money management can be yours and here's a

tool that will get you on the path to your Financial

Destiny Now! Please use the codes below to get your

free RUSHCARD. Just fill out some basic information

and your new card is on it's way. Here's to you and

better management of your money! Thanks$FinancialDestinyNow#

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