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About Me                           Like everything else, money is either holy or unholy, depending on the                                                                          purposes ascribed to it by the mind~ Marianne Williamson ~       

I am committed to helping you educate yourself

about the importance of CREDIT and SMART

MONEY MANAGEMENT and to facilitate in

helping you to correct your past credit and tax

problems. GREAT CREDIT goes hand in hand

with SMART MONEY Management. What would

it be worth to you if you could have all your

past mistakes~late payments, collections and

charge offs deleted from your credit report

early?  What would it be worth to you to raise

your Credit Score so that you could buy a 

Home or Refinance at a cheaper interest rate

and make lower payments each month?  That

would save you a lot of Cash, not to mention

emotional heartache!  What would it be worth

to you to gain Financial Respect? What would

it be worth to you to finally SAVE MONEY and

make your money WORK FOR YOU?  I can

help. Let me show and help you to restore you

to your... Financial Destiny Now.

     Sherlonda Lemons (Mims), Founder/Owner of Financial Destiny Now  &         Husband Thomas Lemons (TSL Production of Atlanta, GA)  ~Shown Above~

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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you

do, do it all for the glory of God.

                                    I Corinthians 10:31

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