As we embark upon another New Year, I wanted to take a few moments to share some things that have been on my heart. We all know or have heard the saying, "Tomorrow is not promised to any of us". Not wanting to sound morbid or depressing, this isn't the message I'm trying to convey. We've watched the news report of someone passing or we've lost a friend or loved one. Be it tragically, accidentally or by natural causes. Though we know that we are BORN, we also know that we will also DIE at some point. I BELIEVE that Physically we Die but Spiritually we LIVE Forever{Eternal }.

All that being said, as we all live this life, LEARNING from and EXPERIENCING LIFE'S LESSONS, We form lasting friendships, meet loved ones, bear children, marry or stay single. We plan for trips, holidays, vacations, Anniversaries and Birthdays all the way down to who gets what for the Christmas gift giving season. We do all this planning year after year yet we FAIL to PLAN for the Financial Destiny of the Loved Ones we may all leave Behind. Sometimes we are blessed to be given a second chance but have fallen ill and things have just taken a turn for the worse FINANCIALLY.

We are proud to be able to come to the aid of those who may fall on hard times and trouble and it's a welcome and warm thought to know that we as a people can come together in these times. But It would be very remiss if I don't say how much it pains and hurts me when we can say that we love our loved ones who solely DEPEND ON US and God forbid we DIE and our LOVED ONES have NOTHING in the form of Finances (Money to still pay the bills), A Living Will, Last Will & Testament, Medical Directives, Burial Information and such. We tend to "Try Not To Think About It" or think to ourselves, "I've Got Plenty of Time to Take Care of That Later".

Below you will find some ideas and questions that you can use to talk to your Family and Loved Ones. Let's All get Prepared for Our Financial Destiny Now! Before it's too late.

  • Do you have a LIVING WILL also known as a MEDICAL DIRECTIVE? {This allows someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. }
  • Do you have a LAST WILL & TESTAMENT? { A Last Will and Testament allows you to communicate your wishes and make things easier for the people you leave behind. }
  • Do you have a Life Insurance Policy?(If you do, when was the last time you reviewed it or updated it?)              {Life insurance is a contract between an insured and an insurer or assured, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured person.}
  • Do you want to be Buried or Cremated? {For Religious or Spiritual reasons, please research.}
  • Do you have an Idea or Outline for your Obituary?
  • Do you want a Funeral or Memorial Service?
  • Have you decided on who your Beneficiary or Beneficiaries will be? {Designated who/where your bank funds, 401(k) funds,etc., will be left ?} ( See also Last Will & Testament )
  • Are you an Organ Donor? { Please communicate this to your loved ones }
  • Have you/Can you Donate Blood to your Local Blood Bank? {Consider storing your own healthy blood to be used in the event of a medical emergency. E.g. Blood transfusion, unexpected loss of blood. }
  •  Are you saved? Would you like to be? If you would like to have Peace about Life, After You Die, I Invite You To Say These Words:
Lord Jesus, I Repent of my Sins, Come Into My Heart, I Make You My Lord & Savior. { If You Prayed This Prayer, We Believe (God's Children of Believers) That You've Been Born Again! } Get Into a Good Bible Based Church. Study The Holy Bible. Keep God 1st Place In Your Life, He'll Take You Places You've Never Dreamed Of.


Consider all of the above. Speak openly about the what-ifs to your Family & Friends. Be mindful of who you can and cannot trust to handle your affairs/Estate. Your most prized Material possessions as well as those we can't put a price on. Ask yourself, who would you be at peace with knowing that you're no longer around but you left in place your last words on how/who you want to care for your loved ones if they are minors and can't do it for themselves. Even if you're caretakers of your elderly parents or other love ones who also need to be cared for in your absence. Know that not all people have the capabilities to take care of themselves let alone other people. Some may even see your passing and your loved ones as nothing but a paycheck $$, a payday if you will, and will only agree to care for your loved ones because of the money being left for their care. Is the person(s), company or companies in good legal and moral standing enough to ensure the safety and overall well-being of all your hard work and specifically and more importantly the care of your loved ones? Here's to Our Financial Destiny Now.

~~ In no way am I being compensated by/from any of the above mentioned names, companies or businesses. I do not purport to be a legal counsel. The views I mentioned, the things I stated, the money management ideas are just that, IDEAS that I believe will help someone/anyone who chooses to read it and follow some of the ideas. Happy Holidays To You & Yours. Thank you for reading. Sherlonda Mims ~~