Credit repair isn't an overnight process. Just like anything else in life worth having, it takes discipline to get your credit and scores to the satisfactory status we'd all like to have and keep. It's not going to happen overnight and if you think you can pay someone to "wipe it clean" without legal ramifications, think again! Let's look at it another way. When you're hired for a job, you're trained. You are taught the steps to accurately and efficiently do the job you were hired to do. That training could take days to a few weeks before you're left to go it alone to perform the tasks that you were trained for. If you took to heart what your instructor/trainer showed you and begin to perform your job well, you would begin to see the fruits of your hard work. Your good work could be rewarded by managerial recognition, pay raises and even a promotion! Credit repair is much the same way. It is a LEARNED PROCESS. Even if you pay someone to fix/repair your credit, it defeats the purpose if months later you're back to where you started. With BAD/POOR CREDIT ! Every one of us should take care to check our credit files yearly. It's FREE each year at and is Authorized by Federal Law. If you're serious about obtaining BETTER CREDIT so that you can have a BETTER LIFE, I urge you to BE PATIENT. Just like your credit history and your ability to pay or not pay has been recorded over the years, it's going to take time to get your credit file to where it needs to be if you're looking to obtain credit for A HOME, CAR, BANK LOAN, CREDIT CARD.  In my experience, if you're not good at managing your money, You aren't likely to be that much better with managing your credit. It doesn't have to be or stay that way. You too can ACHIEVE and BE PROUD to have GOOD CREDIT. If you'd like assistance with the process, feel free to use the tools I've provided in my previous blogs. You may also commission my services for a small monthly fee. Each person's credit history/file differs but the basic tools apply for everyone. Results can be seen within 30-90 days however, your credit file is always changing. You can do this yourself for free or you can work with me to help you to your, Financial Destiny NOW. I look forward to working with you and I appreciate your business.