The best way to solve your money troubles is to first, acknowledge that you have them. Denial is not the answer. Make an honest attempt to change your way of thinking about money. It's only evil if you believe that. Money, used wisely, can be more than just a means to an end. Take charge of your Finances and you take charge of your Life. This may seem easy to say or read but You can do it. Grab a notebook and let's get started...
  • How much money do you earn? This also will include income receive from other sources like child support, pensions, etc.
  • How much money do you owe monthly? I would start out with writing out your monthly (necessity) bills. Meaning; Rent, Mortgage, Car Payment, Utilities, Insurance, Groceries, Fuel or Bus/Cab Fare, etc. These are MUST PAYS in my opinion because this is what KEEPS YOU housed, fed, comfortable, sustained.
  • How much money do you owe (Short term) Do you have finance loans that are due in less than a year? Are there student loans now due? Any loans, debts that you can PAYOFF within 1 year or 2? If so, start a page that says SHORT TERM LOAN PAYOFFS and list those that you can comfortably Payoff within that time frame and ONLY if you have your *MUST PAYS (Living Expenses)* taken care of.
  • When making out your list for Short Terms Loans/Debts to pay back AND Long Term Loans/Debts be sure to write out the starting balances and be sure to delete the amounts you've paid towards those debts so that you may have accurate accounting.
  • It is my Firm and True Opinion that Some Money is better than No Money. That Some Money paid towards the debt(s) is better than NOT paying anything on the debt. I know, I know. You've tried to pay what you could only to have the lender tell you that they will not accept what you're offering. My answer to that is to send it ANYWAY! There are many avenues we can use now to pay a bill. I like any option that clearly gives you a receipt or paper trail. Why? So it can never be said that you didn't pay....At least something. Send it by mail. MoneyGram or Western Union. They may even have their own website that you can use.
  • In using money in our everyday lives, you may need to cut back on some things like eating out, a cable or cell phone bill. I say, if these luxuries, not necessities, cause you to Not be able to pay your living expenses then maybe you should rethink your priorities.
You can do it! Things will improve just as soon as you take the needed steps to make it happen. Change the way you think about money. Stop feeling or saying that you don't have enough of it and start saying that you do. YOU control YOUR Destiny. This way of thinking can apply to any area of your life. Just like it's better to smile than frown (Frowning uses more muscles and make you look ugly in the process), I believe we would garner MORE in our everyday life we THOUGHT and EXPECTED POSITIVE things and outcomes as opposed to thinking and expecting negatively. Think about it, You are the Creator of Your Destiny...Use it wisely. Here's to Your, Financial Destiny Now