As this New Year has come upon us, how many of us make New Year resolutions only to STOP whatever goal that you'd set out to do and accomplish this New Year? Let's take a moment to reflect. I personally am not a fan of New Year Resolutions. I believe that any Goal can be Set and Accomplished whether it's the start of a New Year or the middle to the end of one. Here are a few suggestions to help you to achieve whatever it may be that you set out to do and achieve;

  • Start small. Set goals that can be obtained daily, weekly, monthly. As you reach whichever milestone you've set out to reach, add to it. Let's say that you'd like to save a little more money than you have before or you've never saved. Start with $1 for the first week, month. After you've gotten accustomed to putting away that $1, how about increasing what you're saving to $5 and so on.
  • Now if you want to begin to lose a little more weight, start by finding out how much you weigh. Set a goal to reach and lose 2lbs. You can do that easy. Take it a step further and change your eating habits. Maybe you drink too much soda, try rotating with a cup of water after each cup of soda, juice or coffee. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oats,seeds and nuts. (Be mindful of allergies) You may also see results by decreasing your portion sizes or the size of your plate. Once you seen that you've lost those 2lbs, set another goal to lose 4lbs or 5lbs.
  • Clutter can not only take up space but can also hinder any positive energy or flow coming into your home or atmosphere. Make it a point to keep the place that you sleep clean and clear from mail, papers. Anything that may be in a room that does not belong in there. You can keep things organized by first not bringing in advertisements that can go in the trash right after getting it from the mailbox. Having a clean and clear space, in my opinion will make you feel better as well as think better. Try it.
These are just a few ideas that you can use to jump start your Near Years Resolutions, Goals if you will. Feel free to come up with your own. What does any of this have to do with gaining and obtaining your Financial Destiny Now, you might ask? Well, what is amassing great financial wealth and the security of it if your health is failing? How can you honestly tell your family, friends, loved ones that you love them if you're not even loving yourself by taking care of you? Here's to A New Year 2015. May it be filled with lots of great memories and an abundance of financial wealth and love. Here's to Our Financial Destiny Now!