It's time to get a grip PEOPLE! Time to Handle our Business and STOP being in the dark about IMPORTANT MATTERS. How much easier would it be to CHECK YOUR CREDIT, BEFOREHAND. Rather than go to make this purchase, open this account, buy this car, apply for that mortgage ONLY to have the LOAN OFFICER or AGENT to tell you, I'm sorry Sir/Ma'am but there's nothing we can do for you today. Your credit score is too low or you have no GOOD credit HISTORY, too many COLLECTIONS, JUDGEMENTS, LIENS, DEFAULTED STUDENT LOANS, etc. It's BEST in my EXPERIENCE, to KNOW YOUR SCORES. Know what you can COMFORTABLY AFFORD. This should be DONE in ADVANCE so that you can be CONFIDENT in your PURCHASE or ACCOUNT OPENING. SAVE yourself the EMBARRASSMENT and ADDED INQUIRES which further BRING DOWN YOUR CREDIT SCORE RATING. Also, KNOW how much your DEBT TO INCOME RATIO is. If in determining your RATIO, the amount of your DEBT is MORE than the INCOME/DEBT YOU OWE, then you PROBABLY WILL NOT obtain the LOAN. Generally for a home purchase, there are lots you loans you can potentially qualify and obtain if your Debt to Income Ration is UNDER 40%. The ratios may differ for each of the TYPES OF LOANS you're trying to ACQUIRE. Let's make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to change our future! We can't go back and change the past but it's NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN/START ANEW and PREPARE OURSELVES for a BETTER FUTURE. Then we have the KNOWLEDGE to help our CHILDREN to UNDERSTAND and LEARN the VALUE of OUR/THEIR CREDIT and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. Here's to Your Financial Destiny Now!